Twofold Secret We make games that we love. A turn-based strategy game set in a camp straight out of an 80's horror movie. Currently in development — a downloadable demo is available. A maze-based shooter inspired by the classic Intellivision title Night Stalker. Camp Keepalive Sought Alight Sanctuary 17 Where We Remain Follow us on Twitter Facebook Goodnight, Nintendo Power posted 8 January 2013 The wellspring of nostalgia that rose inside me when I read that Nintendo Power was ceasing publication was inevitable. NP was the herald of a new age of video games: my era, not my father’s. He had bought an Atari 2600 when I was in elementary school and we played together a lot. Nearly all the games we were had were not very interesting played alone. Outlaw, Canyon Bombers, Ice Hockey — they were more like sports or board… More Adventures in Shading posted 24 August 2012 When LÖVE 0.8 was released in April, there were two main changes that drew my eye. First, it did away with Power of Two Syndrome, to which my reaction was: oh thank you. At that point, we were embarking on testing Sought and while we hadn’t yet run into someone whose drivers had this issue, it had all the makings of a nasty bug that would take some care to work around. The second change was the… More The Buddy System posted 2 March 2012 We’ve been experimenting a lot with our creative process. For a few months after we released Alight, Joel and I both worked on separate projects in some sort of creative version of communism. From each according to their ability, to each according to their need, right? Joel would do graphics for both projects, I’d write code for both, but we’d work separately on the design and story of each one. It was an interesting experiment… More Older blog posts

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