One End, One Beginning

posted by Joel on 27 Apr 2016

Six years ago, we started Twofold Secret with one very simple idea: to make the kind of games that we loved to play. It’s not a very complicated idea as ideas go, but in a world of mobile glut and constant threats of indiepocalypse, it can be a hard one to stick by.

On the whole, we think we’ve done right by it. We’ve been proud of each and every one of the titles we’ve produced, and we’ve even had some folks say far nicer things about them than we thought we’d ever hear.

Twofold Secret was always a labor of love, built with no business model in mind and paid for with sweat and time. And while sweat tends to be unlimited, time is a much hotter commodity. That’s why the time has come for us to start spending some of that time elsewhere, which means that it’s also time to shut the doors of Twofold Secret.

But don’t fret – we aren’t going far.

As we close the book on Twofold Secret, we are pleased to announce we are opening the book on our new venture, Unmapped Path.

With Unmapped Path, we will be focused on creating innovative, immersive narrative experiences for desktop and mobile devices. Focusing on building upon Chris’s work with Twine, we’ll be doing some very exciting, unexpected things. We’ve already released our first project, Undo Othello, which we created for the Shakespeare Theater Company.

So while Twofold Secret may be ending, the good news is the adventures will be continuing along a new path (pun very much intended). And even better news? Now you can hire us!