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One End, One Beginning

posted by Joel on 27 Apr 2016

Six years ago, we started Twofold Secret with one very simple idea: to make the kind of games that we loved to play. It’s not a very complicated idea as ideas go, but in a world of mobile glut and constant threats of indiepocalypse, it can be a hard one to stick by. On the…

Goodnight, Nintendo Power

posted by Chris on 8 Jan 2013

The NES era fully ushered in video game lore into my consciousness. Before, being good at video games was mostly a matter of reflexes and improvisational tactics. It was in the NES era that I had to learn a video-game world — where all the secret powerups were, how to navigate the world, what order to do things in. I think it was first Metroid that I encountered an enemy that was completely immune to the weapon I had.

Adventures in Shading

posted by Chris on 24 Aug 2012

When LÖVE 0.8 was released in April, there were two main changes that drew my eye. First, it did away with Power of Two Syndrome, to which my reaction was: oh thank you. At that point, we were embarking on testing Sought and while we hadn’t yet run into someone whose drivers had this issue, it had…

The Buddy System

posted by Chris on 2 Mar 2012

We’ve been experimenting a lot with our creative process. For a few months after we released Alight, Joel and I both worked on separate projects in some sort of creative version of communism. From each according to their ability, to each according to their need, right? Joel would do graphics for both projects, I’d write…

Mene, Mene, Tekel u-Pharsin (or: why our next game won’t be in Flash)

posted by Chris on 17 Nov 2011

— that being the message the first time anyone ever saw the writing on the wall. You have been weighed and found wanting; your empire will fall. When you’re God, you’ve got the freedom to etch your feelings into stone in house of the emperor of Babylon. Billion-dollar international corporations that are feeling a bit…

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