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A Long Way from A to B

posted by Joel on 23 Jul 2010

The Sanctuary 17 that stands before you now has come a long way from the early concept sketches that began this whole process. The idea of making a new, enhanced Night Stalker is actually one I’ve been bouncing around for many years, but it wasn’t until we were getting towards the end of Where We…

Humans, Robots, and Dark, Tight Spaces

posted by Joel on 20 Jul 2010

As Chris has already announced, we’ve just released our newest title, Sanctuary 17.  It’s been just over six months since our first game, Where We Remain, came out, and after a very brief pause, we got to work on Sanctuary 17 with the hopes of knocking it out in a few short months.  Obviously, that…

Sanctuary 17 Is Here

posted by Chris on 18 Jul 2010

At long last, we have something new for you to play with: Sanctuary 17. Get with the robot blasting! Instead of displaying an (let’s be honest, annoying) ad every time you play our game, we are now offering a way for you to directly support us by purchasing a printed, full-color manual that includes details…

Environment and experience

posted by Chris on 25 Jun 2010

I’ve started reading Racing the Beam by Nick Monfort and Ian Bogost. The experience for me is akin to a reading about a JROTC officer reading about a Viking invasion — whatever problems you think you have are pretty inconsequential when you consider 2600 programmers had to manage what color a television’s electron gun was…

Beta’s just a state of mind

posted by Chris on 11 May 2010

Neither Joel or I have had much time to blog in the past few weeks because we’ve been hard at work getting our next game into shape for beta. But now here we are, and it makes sense to take some breaths and assess where we are. It’s funny how a beta, even the small…

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