Welcome to Camp Keepalive

Camp Keepalive
New Employee Handbook


  1. Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts 3
  2. Welcome to Camp Keepalive! 4
  3. About the Camp 5
  4. Meet the Staff 7
  5. Camp Facilities 15
  6. The Grounds 17
  7. The Event Track 22
  8. Badges 24
  9. Campin' Tips from the Designers' Desk 25
  10. Thanks, Acknowledgments, and About Us 27

Keyboard Shortcuts

F12 Toggles between fullscreen and windowed mode.

or W A S D Scroll around the map.

Space Hold to speed up computer-controlled turns (e.g. monsters and campers moving).

Esc Pauses gameplay, bringing up a dialog box where you can adjust sound volume.

Ctrl or -Q Quit immediately.

Mouse Shortcuts

Click a counselor portrait in the bottom-left corner to scroll to that counselor. Double-click the portrait to begin the counselor's turn.

Welcome to Camp Keepalive!

Greetings, new employee! While I can't imagine what in your life has brought you to the point that taking a job here seems like a good idea, let's just both make the best of it, shall we? If you are familiar with our camp's reputation, then you may have heard some rumors about our little "campers and counselors constantly getting murdered" problem. While I assure you the stories are overblown, the authorities are starting to ask some very uncomfortable questions. That's why I'm bringing you on board: I want you to organize our counselors and do whatever you can to make sure our campers spend the night in bed and not chopped into little pieces in the middle of the woods. No problem, right?

About the Camp

Camp Keepalive was founded in 1919 by my great-grandfather after he returned from the Great War. During his time in Europe, he learned to appreciate living in the great outdoors, and he wanted to build a place where America's youth could learn to appreciate it as well. He named it Keepalive after the nickname his fellow soldiers had given him thanks to his immense cowardice. Great-grandpa learned that it was best to appreciate the great outdoors from the safety of your trench, regardless of what the commander said.

So, with his dishonorable discharge in hand, he used what was left of his savings and bought up a bundle of lush, untouched Maine wilderness. Using just his wits and some questionable carpentry skills, he built the first cabins right here on the shores of Lake Waziwaha.

Business wasn't always great for the camp, but thanks to leasing out some of the backwoods to the chromium miners and some creative accounting structures, we've muddled through!

Today, I follow in my great-grandfather's footsteps, dedicated to running a camp where kids can learn discipline, self-reliance, and vital survival skills they may need in the event of a Red Dawn scenario.

Meet the Staff

Name: Dave Davidson
Hire Date: 6/5/198X

As one of our senior counselors, Dave has shown himself to be extremely popular with the campers. Also many of the counselors.

The female counselors.

Perhaps a little too popular.

I've had to discipline Dave several times for sneaking over to the girls' cabins after-hours. Despite that, he has shown an extreme dedication to the well-being of the campers in his care, and a strong willingness to work despite not ever receiving a raise. Or asking for one.

A model counselor.

Notable Skills: Dave's natural-born leadership really shows itself with his "Gather" ability. When using this power, any campers in adjacent spaces will immediately move to Dave's position. Using this ability costs Dave 1 AP.

Name: Ashley Jager
Hire Date: 6/15/198X

Descended from a proud, ancient line of hunters, Ashley has shown herself to be a more than proficient archery teacher. While occasionally taking the campers into the woods to hunt wild game may be somewhat unorthodox (and possibly illegal), I cannot argue with her results -- why, just the other day, three campers actually hit the targets. That's a 300% improvement over last summer.

Ashley takes her responsibilities very seriously. Her performance merits consideration for a promotion to senior counselor... just don't sneak up on her.

Notable Skills: Lethal with a bow and arrow, Ashley's hunting ability will immediately kill all monsters in any space she enters. I can't argue with that kind of efficiency. Unfortunately, if the monsters get the drop on her, Ashley is just as vulnerable as everyone else and can be killed by monsters entering her space.

Name: Pierce Wentworth-Bucknell III
Hire Date: 6/20/198X

After watching Bruce Jenner set the decathlon record at the 1976 Olympics, Pierce has made it his goal to become a track and field gold medalist. While this makes him an excellent counselor to run the field sports programs, he does have a tendency to leave the campers in his dust.

Fortunately, it has been easy to put Pierce's energy to good use, as he will happily take care of tasks from one end of the camp to the other.

However, the delicate subject of his choice in anti-perspirant will have to be addressed due to camper complaint.

Notable Skills: Pierce's natural speed allows him to always take one extra action during his turn in the form of a bonus AP. This bonus point can be used any way Pierce desires. Pierce also can, in a pinch, use his "Run Away" ability. This will immediately cause him to speed back to the safety of the cabin, ignoring all dangers. Unfortunately, none of our campers can keep up with Pierce's blazing speed, and this will leave them behind. But, sometimes a responsible counselor realizes they need to save their own skin first.

Name: Wyatt Wallace
Hire Date: 6/20/198X

Frankly, I'm not entirely sure why Wyatt chose to apply for a position at Camp Keepalive. He is shy and seems to have little interest in interacting with the campers or his fellow counselors. He spends most of his days in the camp computer center, doing who knows what with our state-of-the-art Amigadore IIe. Despite his awkward social failings, he is a whiz with machines and the campers can learn a lot from his tinkering. While I may not believe his claims about building a holographic girlfriend out of a Walkman, he did convert the camp van to run on discarded bread crusts instead of gas, so that's something.

Notable Skills: Wyatt's tinkering abilities allow him to make the most of whatever materials are at hand, allowing him to effectively carry three traps instead of the normal one. Visiting the cabin or a burned-down cabin will replenish his supply in full.

Name: Daniel Dudikoff
Hire Date: 6/17/198X

Daniel is a nice kid, but he's also the poster child for why you shouldn't let Hollywood raise your children. Daniel's obsession with martial arts films has led him to the rather dubious goal of becoming a full master of the ninja arts. While mastery of the mental and physical disciplines required to achieve such a goal are admirable, I am pretty confident that it actually pays even less than we do.

Plus, Daniel has a habit of vanishing every time its his turn to scrub down the mess hall.

Notable Skills: Whatever you may think of ninjitsu as a career goal, it sure comes in handy when dealing with psychopaths. Daniel can safely pass through any squares occupied by monsters with no penalty. His "Hide" ability also allows himself and any counselors and campers with him to remain safely out of sight if any monsters wander into the area.

Name: Misty Valley
Hire Date: 6/20/198X

Misty would probably sooner drink a vat of that green slime stuff from that one gameshow than be a camp counselor, but her parents insisted. And I'd probably sooner join her in drinking that slime than hire her, but I owe her parents a lot of money for reasons I'd rather not discuss.

Her mom and dad were worried about her preoccupation with boys, so they figured sending her here for the summer would keep her out of trouble. Why they thought a camp in the middle of nowhere with almost no adult supervision would somehow be better than keeping her at home, I have no idea. At any rate, we're all making the best of it. She's teaching the kids how to dance, and I'm using her salary to pay down my interest. Everybody wins!

Notable Skills: Misty does have a unique talent for making herself the center of attention. When she uses her "Cheer" ability, any counselors in adjacent spaces to her will immediately move to her position.

Name: Willow Aves
Hire Date: 6/20/198X

In a rare first for Camp Keepalive, Willow is our first counselor to be genuinely excited to be here. The idea of spending a summer among the rivers, trees, and assorted bugs sounds like a great one to her! Honestly, I think we could probably just let her roam the forests all summer and she wouldn't care whether we pay her or not. Which is good, considering we probably won't.

Willow says she learned everything she knows about the outdoors from her father. I'm guessing he didn't include any chapters on machete-wielding maniacs.

Notable Skills: Willow has a special connection to nature. At least, that's what she keeps telling us. Her natural outdoorsey-ness allows her to swim through water at no penalty. Her "Bait" ability, while normally used to attract animal friends for her, works like a charm in drawing nearby monsters into traps. Once they reach the bait, it is consumed.

Name: Cassidy Clark and Chet Charles
Hire Date: 6/23/198X

While Cassidy and Chet are technically two people, they are so inseparable that most of us just think of them as one. In fact, that's how I'm going to file their W2, so that really works out for the camp. Most of the counselors have taken to calling them C&C, to which I keep asking why not C2? Then everyone tells me that no one comes to camp to do math.

I hate our staff.

Notable Skills: I don't know if I would really call it a skill, but whenever C&C get, ah, amorous with each other, it tends to attract trouble. Their "canoodle" ability will instantly cause ALL monsters around to move towards their position. Not to philosophize, but it makes me think that maybe these crazed, bloodthirsty creatures are really just lonely.

Or, maybe like the rest of us, they just really hate happy couples in love.

Camp Facilities

Cabins: During your time at Camp Keepalive, your cabin will be your home away from home. Built by hand by my great-grandfather, these cabins can withstand the strongest winds, the heaviest rains, and the sharpest of monster teeth. So long as our campers are tucked away in these cabins, no harm will come to them. Unfortunately, they are also really boring, so the campers tend to leave them. A lot. But, if counselor can guide a camper back to the cabin, they'll stay put (for the rest of the night, at least). Our cabins also come equipped with an emergency stockpile of trap-making materials, so feel free to swing by should you ever run out.

Burned-Down Cabins: Ok, so it turns out the cabins do have one weakness: fire. The charred remains of cabins since passed can be seen around the campgrounds. Unfortunately, in their burned-down state they provide no protection, but you can usually find at least enough useful material lying around them to make some traps.

Messhall: Ah, the Messhall... where campers can come together and dine as one, singing songs of old and sucking down delicious red-colored sugar water. Sadly, due to its size, the messhall is not a particularly secure building. And, as it's usually full of campers, it's probably in your best interests not to let any monsters even get near it.

Bridges: I'm fairly certain you are familiar with the concept of how a bridge works, so I'll spare you that lecture. Just know that thanks to the relatively lax county engineering codes up here, they aren't exactly the most sturdy bridges around. If some nefarious no-good-nicks get onto them, they're liable to send the whole thing tumbling into the waters below.

The Grounds

Meadows: Our beautiful Camp Keepalive meadows are lush, green, and full of things like flowers and butterflies. Meadows are pretty great, and we've got a lot of them! Campers really love the meadows, as they are fertile ground for all manner of frolicing. They love them so much that when they sneak out at night, this is where they go. Whenever new campers appear, it will always be in a meadow.

Forest: Ah, the majesty of the woods! The towering oak... the majestic maple... the noble pine. At Camp Keepalive, we've got forest out the wazoo, and we're damn proud of it. Of course, all those trees create an awful lot of shadows for evil to thrive in, but it's a trade off you just have to take. Whenever new monsters appear, they will appear in a forest.

Water: Lakes, streams, rivers... Camp Keepalive is blessed with crystal-clear waters of all types. I think some of it might even be glacial, which sounds great in our brochures. On a practical level, water works great for keeping monsters at bay (except for the ones that live in the water, of course). And campers know better than to enter the water unless escorted by a lifeguard-certified counselor.

Mountains: The towering peaks that surround Camp Keepalive are truly glorious to behold. Alas, they are also very, very inhospitable for camping. Steeps cliffs and frequent rockslides mean that pretty much everybody avoids them. Counselors, campers, and monsters are all forbidden from entering mountain spaces.

Bonfire Pits: Is there nothing more important to the camp experience than a crackling fire, sending glowing embers upwards to the stars? I like to think that each of those little embers represent our hopes and dreams, rising and rising until they are snuffed out, suffocated by the weight of having to run your great-grandfather's murder-prone camp in the middle of nowhere instead of moving to New York and working on off-Broadway productions like you always imagined...

Sorry, what was I saying?

Right, bonfires. They're great for roasting weenies, and they also have the added bonus of keeping bad guys at bay. Also, any campers in the same space as a bonfire won't leave unless escorted by a counselor.

Dimly-Lit Meadows: In one of our earlier efforts to cut down on the number of campers mysteriously vanishing into the night, we tried setting up some lights around various meadows at the camp. Unfortunately, all these seemed to do was drive the campers off into the unlit ones... and I'm certainly not shelling out to have them all lit. These dimly-lit meadows are pretty boring for all involved. Neither campers nor monsters will appear in them.

Evil Woods: Ok, maybe it's a strong judgement call to call them evil, but they certainly aren't friendly. These corrupted patches of forest have been infused with dark powers, and are completely unsafe for camper or counselors to enter. Monsters, on the other hand, are right at home passing through them.

Haunted Groves: These things, on the other hand, I'm completely comfortable calling evil. I'm not sure if they are some kind of direct portal to a hellish underworld, or if freaky-looking trees are just a prime monster hangout, but I guess it doesn't really matter. What matters is that any time new monsters appear, one will always appear at an Evil Lair. Fortunately, if a counselor can get into a lair and lay a trap, the lair will be destroyed.

The Event Track

Because I am nothing if not helpful, I've set up a handy-dandy system of tracking camp events to help you figure out how to best spend your time. I call it... the event track. Clever, no?

The event track will show you exactly what's happening at the moment, and, more importantly, what's going to happen in the immediate future.

Counselor Moves: This means that you get to put your skills into action and get one of the staff to take action. Remember, Camp Keepalive is all about fairness, so once a counselor has acted, they can't act again until all of their coworkers have gotten a chance to go also.

Campers Move: Activity time! A Campers Move event will cause all campers to move. The brainless little scamps move completely at random, and will completely knowingly walk into the slavering jaws of death... so do try to keep an eye on them. Remember, if a counselor is escorting them, they won't go anywhere.

Monsters Move: Now this is trouble. On a monsters move event, all monsters of one type will take an action. It's a bit of a mystery as to which type will take a move, but the fewer kinds there are out and about, that can narrow down the possiblities.

Camper Appears: Despite our best efforts, the campers still managed to sneak out on their own. On a Camper Appears event, one camper will appear in a random meadow.

Monster Appears: Big trouble. On an Add Monster event, a murderous baddie will appear somewhere on a random forest space. Also, if there are any Haunted Groves that have not been destroyed, a monster will appear there as well.

Special Events: It might not be our motto, but it sure could be: "Sometimes strange things happen." Depending on the night, all sorts of different things could be going on at camp. Always make sure to check the tooltips on any events you don't recognize to see just what the heck is going to happen.


To tide you over while you wait for your paycheck (which I assure you is in the mail), I'm more than happy to give you a different token of recognition for a job well done: badges! These genuine, hand-stitched Camp Keepalive badges will show your friends and loved ones that you managed to do something well at some point in time.

Tree Badge Campfire Badge Mountain Badge

Every night's work you do will have three different levels of success, and you'll earn a badge for each one you reach. The more badges you have, the more work I'll give you, and the more of the staff I'll trust you to take charge of.

Campin' Tips From the Designers' Desk

Since the days of Lewis and Clark — history's greatest campers — certain camping wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation. None of that is applicable here.

Instead, let us give you a few much more useful tips...

Thanks and Acknowledgments

Thanks to our beta testers, Austin Auclair, Brianne Draffin, Tronster Hartley, Chris McCurdy, Josh Millard, Katrina Pawlowski, and everyone who dropped by our booth at wonderful folks of MAGfest 2012.

Camp Keepalive was made using LÖVE, Zoetrope, Audacity, the GIMP, GraphicsGale, and MilkyTracker.

This document is set in Lato and uses BookBlock.

About Us

Twofold Secret is a Baltimore-based indie game studio consisting of Joel Haddock and Chris Klimas that has been producing games since 2010. Camp Keepalive is our fifth release.

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