Sought is a two-player maze game meant to be played by one person, set in a forbidding forest on the eve of a strange holiday. The daughter of the manor lord has run away into the woods and a hunter has been dispatched to rescue her — but there is a reason why the child ran away, and accordingly a decision you must make. Sought has six possible endings, a randomly generated maze on each play, and supports USB gamepads.

Sought is a beautiful reverie that treads the line between recurring dream and nightmare. In fact, it can be both in one brief playthrough.

IndieHunt (Best of 2012)

It's a lovely sunny day, so why not close all the curtains, shut all the windows, and spend your time indoors playing a nice spooky videogame? Why not play Sought, in fact, a wonderful piece of mazey nastiness from Twofold Secret?

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