A lot of the enjoyment to be found in Where We Remain is figuring out how the world of the game works. So tread carefully! There's a list of hints under each question, and each one gives away more information than the one before. Hover your cursor an item to show it.

What's the goal of this game?
  1. Check the letter on the ground below and to the left of your starting position.
  2. It's to find the girl you named at the start of the game, who is in one of the caves on the island.
Arrgghhgh these monsters keep eating me!
  1. The monsters on the island overworld don't move in predictable ways, but there are definitely ways to avoid them.
  2. Each monster has a kind of radar that senses you once you're within its range. When this happens, the screen flashes red to let you know you're in trouble, and the monster begins moving directly for you.
  3. Once a monster is chasing you, it's possible to get them to stop. (See the question about escaping monsters below.)
  4. But really, you're better off avoiding them if you can. (See the question about avoiding monsters below.)
Is it possible to escape a monster that's chasing me?
  1. Yes.
  2. With some fancy footwork, you can actually keep it at bay, but it's tricky to pull off and you need lots of room to maneuver.
  3. A more permanent solution is to go into a cave. The monster will then give up and wander away.
  4. It's also possible to put enough distance between you and the monster that it loses sight of you. You can get away with this mainly by running out of a monster's territory -- each monster can only travel across half of the island.
  5. There is another way involving the marble shrines you may have found on the island. See the question below about them for more information.
Is it possible to keep monsters from chasing me in the first place?
  1. Yes.
  2. Mainly, by keeping your distance from them.
  3. There are some cues that can help you figure out how close you are to a monster.
  4. First of all, the wind noises you hear will grow louder as you get closer.
  5. As you start to get very close to the edge of a monster's perception, the world will turn darker, like a thunderstorm is coming.
  6. There is another way to avoid monsters using the marble shrines on the island. See the question below about them for more information.
  7. The crystal ball will show you the monsters' exact position on the island, too.
Can I kill these monsters or what?
  1. Yes.
  2. But only when you're playing on the expert difficulty.
  3. Search all of the caves on the island carefully.
  4. Even after you find your girl.
  5. There's another girl on the island that will grant you this power.
What's the point of the flowers?
  1. Try finishing the game once.
  2. They make the girl you're trying to find happy.
  3. They also protect you from the red ghosts in the caves.
  4. When a red shade touches you, you lose a certain number of flowers (depending on the difficulty level). If you don't have any flowers at all, you get booted out of the cave. That's annoying, isn't it?
What's up with the marble shrines on the island?
  1. Do you notice what happened when you stepped onto a marble tile?
  2. Do you notice what happened to the sound when you did this?
  3. They protect you from the monsters.
  4. While you're standing on a marble tile, a monster will never start chasing you. It's as if it can't see you at all.
  5. This next part is pretty cool, so think carefully about clicking onward.
  6. If you touch a monster while it's standing on a marble tile, it will be banished away from you (hopefully far away), and you can move freely around its territory for some time.
I saw something glimmer in a tree. Is that important?
  1. Are you sure you're not seeing things?
  2. It looks like it might be fall right now, since the trees have either red or brown leaves.
  3. Maybe it's a magpie with someone's pocketwatch, which is shining in the sun.
  4. Nah, this is just a fake question to confuse people skimming over these clues.
How do I avoid the red ghosts in the cave?
  1. Don't walk into them!
  2. They move only when you do.
  3. If you can trick one into walking into a crystal in the cave, it will evaporate harmlessly.
  4. By the way, do you think they look familiar to you?
I found something that said "You feel displaceable." What does that mean?
  1. It means you can displace yourself.
  2. Sometimes at great distances.
  3. Try it out by holding down either the left and right arrow keys at the same time, or the up and down ones.
  4. You can now teleport to a random spot on the island. Watch out, there are no guarantees that it will make you go somewhere safe.
  5. When you're in a cave, it teleports you out, so it saves you time collecting items.
I found something that said "You now know where to go." What does that mean?
  1. You'll only see its effects once you leave a cave.
  2. It shows you all the caves on the island. You've already visited the darker dots, but you haven't checked out the bright yellow ones.
I found something that said "A warm, protective feeling washes over you." And this means...?
  1. You can now survive one hit from a monster. Use it wisely!
I found something that said "You feel ten feet tall." What does that mean?
  1. It means you are a filthy cheater.
  2. There's no item in the game that says that.
  3. I'd guess your height in the game is maybe 5'4".
  4. People were shorter back then.
I found something that said "The world becomes uncomfortably sharp." What does that mean?
  1. They're glasses, right? They help you see.
  2. More specifically, they help you read.
  3. Have you finished the game with the glasses on? You may notice something different.
  4. Try looking at a letter with the glasses on.
Is there any pleasing this girl?
  1. She seems happy that you're just there.
  2. But she always seems to want more flowers, doesn't she?
  3. If you meet her criteria, you'll receive a different message from her the next time you win.
  4. But no, she always wants more flowers than you give her.
  5. Even more flowers than ever exist in the game.
Can I ever escape this island?
  1. Do you really want to?
  2. You can.
  3. But you'll have to be clever.
  4. And maybe do some unpleasant things.
  5. See the question below about endings for more information.
How do I find all three endings to this game?
  1. The first ending is easy. Just find the girl.
  2. The second and third endings require some lateral thinking to achieve.
  3. One ending is best accomplished on beginner mode.
  4. The other ending can only be found on expert mode.
  5. One ending requires you to disobey.
  6. The other requires you to apply powers you've found in an unexpected way.
  7. Have you found the girl's doppleganger? She only appears in expert mode.
  8. What does she say the power she gives you will do?
  9. Could you use it on something you might not expect it to work on?
  10. Take a deep breath before going on. The rest of the clues will spell out exactly how to find each ending.
  11. Try completing the game without ever collecting a flower.
  12. Try touching the girl once you have the doppleganger's power.